6 ways to use the verb ‘GO’ in English

The verb “go” can be very confusing. Here you have a very useful video lesson about this verb.



home / downtown

shopping / fishing/ swimming / running / skiing / skating, etc.
(Physical activities.)

Go to
bed / work / prison / hospital/ school / university
(When we visit these places to use their services: to sleep, work, study, receive treatment, etc.)

Go to the
gym/ bar/ station/ supermarket/ park/ doctor/ airport, etc.
(With places in the city that we commonly visit or use).

Go on a
trip/ cruise/ excursion/ outing
(With anything that involves a trip or similar.)

Go for a
swim/ walk/ run/ ride/ drive, etc.
(Usually with nouns that describe physical activities.)
Note that we can say go running or go for a run, go swimming or go for a swim, etc.



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