Matt Woodrum’s Inspirational Race. Video and Test.

Watch this video about Matt Woodrum, a very determined 11-year-old boy who has a cerebral condition, and do the comprehension test. Subtitles and a grammar point are included.

The race of one elementary schooler that really moved us. A little boy so determined to stay in the race… even when it looked like he couldn’t make it any further.
It was race day, Colonial Hills Elementary School in New Colombus, Ohio. They were off, and right there at the back of the pack, 11-year-old Matt Woodrum, determined to run with the rest of the class. But it wasn’t long before Matt was toiling a bit. He has cerebral palsy, and he was told that he didn’t have to run, that he could sit it out, but Matt wanted it. Making his way around that track, his proud mum videotaping the whole thing. Suddenly Matt starts to slow down, starts to struggle. And watch the left corner of your screen, right there, that’s gym teacher John Blaine walking toward Matt on the field. Soon some gentle coaching by his side. That gym teacher would stay right there the rest of the race; and then something else, suddenly his classmates begin to notice, and one by one, they start to make their way toward Matt too. The crowd swelling beside him, and so does their chant. Matt rounding that final bend, his entire class in tow, every step of the way, and then his rally. Teachers watching at the end, the cheers at the finish line. He did it. Afterward his mother could hardly find him in the mid of all of his fans, high five there, and a hug. That race went viral on the Internet and Matt told me just today on the phone what that moment was like, with an entire class just behind him.
MATT: It was tiring but it really helped when my classmates and my coach and everybody swarmed me. It was really encouraging.
Mum who was there taping it all, and that who saw it later, both so proud tonight.
DAD: I couldn’t have been more proud of my son. It was very heart-warming.
Dad proud, and so are we, and in fact Matt told me if he had to race all again tomorrow, he would do it for sure. 8,008 hits now on that video on the Internet.

Grammar Point

Look at the following sentence from the video.
A little boy so determined to stay in the race, even when it looked like he couldn’t make it any further.

The words in bold mean that ‘it seemed, or it appeared, that he could not continue advancing’. Look like means ‘seem’ and it can be used before nouns or sentences.

1) Before nouns
He looked like a friendly person.
‘What’s this?’ ‘It looks like an umbrella.’

REMEMBER: You CANNOT use look like before and adjective; before an adjective, use like. You can say, ‘He looks like a friendly person’, but you CANNOT say *‘He looks like friendly.’ In this case you MUST say, ‘He looks friendly.’

2) Before sentences
It looks like it is going to rain. = It looks as if it is going to rain.
He looked like he had seen a ghost. = He looked as if he had seen a ghost.

Before sentences, look like and look as if mean the same, there is no real difference, only that look like is more common in spoken language.

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