Obesity. Francis Serrano. Video and Test.

Watch this video about Francis Serrano,  a morbidly obese young man who has serious health problems. It includes transcription and vocabulary notes.

SHOP ASSISTANT: Hi how are you?

FRANCIS SERRANO: Good. Good. How you doing?


REPORTER: Francis Serrano is a young man who knows he’s at risk for a heart attack.

FRANCIS SERRANO: When I was a young boy, people always said that, you know what, by the time you’re 20 you’re going to have a heart attack, and you could be dead. Well, I’m 28 now, so what I’m afraid now is that I’m out of borrowed time.

REPORTER: France’s weighs more than 500 pounds.

FRANCIS SERRANO: And that’s who I am, I am morbidly obese where it is almost a certainty that I will die because of my weight problem.

REPORTER: How did Francis get to the point where he weighs this much? For some people, weight gain is caused by hormonal conditions, but Francis a lifetime of overeating and lack of exercise resulted in his massive body.

DOCTOR: If you take fuel and if you take food, you can either burn it or you can store it, and the storage is like a battery, you can run your battery out but you have to have a place to store that energy, and these fat cells are where you store that energy. You take carbohydrate, you can take protein, and if you don’t need it for fuel, you turn it into fat.

REPORTER: And exercise, a good strategy for weight loss, strains the heart and lungs of an obese person.

FRANCIS SERRANO: Too much for me Joe. It’s very frustrating because I want to do more, I want to do so much more, but my body is telling me, “You have to slow down, you have to slow down.” I’m running out of time.

REPORTER: In order to quicken his weight loss, Francis has opted for a radical solution, gastric bypass surgery.

FRANCIS SERRANO: Basically what they are going to do is make my stomach the size of a shot glass, and then reconnect my intestines to that new portion of my smaller stomach.

DR: Gastric bypass is the most common operation performed in US for weight loss. I think right now we have it down to an art form. Our complication rates are very low. The outcomes are excellent, and I think it is here to stay.

REPORTER: It is still considered a risky operation, with one in 100 operations ending in death.

DOCTOR: For Francis we thought that a gastric bypass is the best operation. It has a consistent weight loss. In the first year statistically patients lose approximately 70 to 80% of their excess body weight.

SURGEON: So right now we going to go ahead closing the incisions that we’ve made and we are done with the operation.

FRANCIS SERRANO: Good afternoon everybody! There is something I’d like to share with you guys today. I underwent gastric bypass surgery.

REPORTER: After one month Francis has recovered from surgery and is much trimmer. Even so, the surgery is not a miracle. If Francis doesn’t change his lifestyle, he won’t continue to lose weight and he could even gain some back. Francis is feeling very optimistic that he’ll be able to make the necessary changes; he knows he has a lot to live for.

FRANCIS SERRANO: I don’t plan to be a bodybuilder; I just want to be healthy. I just want to enjoy life.

1. Francis Serrano is a young man who knows he’s at risk for a heart attack.
at risk for/ at risk of= there is danger of

2. What I’m afraid now is that I’m out of borrowed time.
to be living on borrowed time= if someone is living on borrowed time, they are not expected to live much longer I’ve got cancer – I’m living on borrowed time. So what Francis means is that his borrowed time is over, he has already lived it, now he’ll die if he doesn’t do anything.

3. I am morbidly obese where it is almost a certainty that I will die because of my weight problem.
a morbidly obese person= a person suffering from morbid obesity

4. For some people, weight gain is caused by hormonal conditions, but Francis a lifetime of overeating and lack of exercise resulted in his massive body.
weight gain= is a noun that comes from to gain weight. To gain weight is the opposite to to lose weight, and weight gain is the opposite to weight loss.
to overeat= to eat more that what is needed. The prefix over- is very common before verbs, to mean ‘to do in excess’. We can say oversleeping, overthinking,  overdrinking, etc.
lack (of exercise)= “a lack of something” means ‘not having something, or not having enough’. “A lack of exercise” means ‘not doing exercise, or not doing enough.”

5. You take carbohydrate, you can take protein, and if you don’t need it for fuel, you turn it into fat.
carbohydrate and protein= I’m sure you know what these words mean, carbohydrates is the element that you find in pasta, wheat or rice, and protein is what you find in meat, fish, etc.
if you don’t need it for fuel= if we eat something for fuel, that means that we eat it because we need the energy from that food.

6. And exercise, a good strategy for weight lossstrains the heart and lungs of an obese person.
weight loss= It’s a noun and it comes from ‘to lose weight’.
to strain= to put pressure on something

7. To Francis has opted for a radical solution, gastric bypass surgery
surgery= here it means an operation or procedure, especially one involving the removal or replacement of a diseased organ or tissue. However, “surgery” may also mean the branch of medicine that deals with operations.

8. Our complication rates are very low.
complication rates= in surgery, the complication rates are the number of people who has problems or dies during or after an operation.

9. In the first year statistically patients lose approximately 70 to 80% of their excess body weight.
excess body weight= the weight of your body that is exceeds or over the normal weight.

10. I underwent gastric bypass surgery.
to undergo= to experience something like a change, a difficult situation, or a medical treatment or operation.

11. After one month Francis has recovered from surgery and is much trimmer.
trim= slim, thin

12. I don’t plan to be a bodybuilder; I just want to be healthy.
a bodybuilder= is a person who works out at the gym in order to make his o her muscles bigger.

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